President of Russian Union of Restorers will deliver his speech at the international conference on standardization in sphere of cultural heritage preservation

On September 12, 2017 in Moscow the conference entitled “International experience in technical regulation and standardization in sphere of cultural heritage preservation” is held involving prominent experts of the field.


New asset of “Media-consulting” PR-agency. Welcome to our team!

As the projects fulfilled by “Media-consulting” gather pace we are happy with accession of new members in our PR-department. Meet Alexander Klimov – a new member of the agency team who has already joined one of our large-scale international cultural projects.


New power for cultural projects in “Media-consulting” – welcome our new team member

“Media-consulting” PR-agency recently has gained a promising asset. Sergey Armeyskov has joined the agency to work on a project related to culture and arts – the fields which are his major interests.


International conference on will involve leading architects of Russia, Czech Republic, Germany and the Netherlands

On September 12, 2017 “Media-consulting PR-agency” is organizing a scientific and practical conference “International experience in technical regulation and standardization in sphere of cultural heritage preservation”, which will be held upon the initiative of the Cultural and historical monuments management agency (AUIPIK).


The talk of the network: “Media-consulting” PR-agency telling about its achievements in Worldcom Circuit newsletter

“Media-consulting” PR-agency is a professional team which accomplishes audacious projects and provides information support for them and also promotes itself as one of the leading specialists of PR sphere. Since the beginning of 2017 we have been publishing news about our major gains in each issue of Worldcom Circuit - the newsletter of the largest international PR network Worldcom PR Group.


“Media-consulting” PR-agency has organized a Grand Opening Ceremony of a unique project “Russian Seasons” in Japan

“Media-consulting” PR-agency has carried out an incredibly bright Grand Opening Ceremony of a large-scale international project “Russian Sea-sons” in Japan. The event took place in Tokyo involving such topical officials as Deputy Prime Minister of Russian Federation Ms. Olga Golodets and Prime Minister of Japan Mr. Shinzo Abe, as well as prominent cultural luminaries of Russia and other Japanese and Russian officials.


“Media-consulting” PR-agency has initiated a web-page of MCCI Committee for Drinks

A special web-page of Committee for Drinks has appeared at the official web-site of Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The webpage is to help producers and retailers to be aware of the latest Committee and industry news. It will also promote interests of Russian and foreign drinks and bottled waters brands at Russian market.


Design-studio of “Media-consulting” PR-agency is implementing visual conception for a new anti-HIV medication

Design-studio of “Media-consulting” PR-agency will develop basic package of design conception for a new anti-HIV medication by Russian pharmaceutical company “Viriom”. Our designers will create the main components of visual image for a new product: logo, advertising block and booklet.


International conference on technical regulations in sphere of cultural heritage preservation will take place in Moscow

On September 12, 2017 a scientific and practical conference “International experience in technical regulations and standardization in sphere of cultural heritage preservation” will be held in Central House of Architects in Moscow. Key Russian specialists in sphere of cultural and historical heritage monuments management and experts from Germany, Italy and the Netherlands will jointly discuss problems of normative-legislative and normative-technical regulations in sphere of cultural and historical monuments preservation, exchange related experience and practical cases.


“Media-consulting” will defend the interests of business representatives in Committee for Drinks of MCCI

“Media-consulting” PR-agency initiated establishing of a special Committee for Drinks of Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Committee will promote interests of small and medium enterprises dealing with production and sell of bottled waters. Also the Committee will deal with distribution issues, including sales of soft energy drinks. Leading members of the agency were appointed as the Chairman and Secretary General of the Committee.


7 years of successful work. Congratulations to “Media-consulting”!

Today is the Birthday of “Media-consulting” PR-agency - the common holiday for all members of its team. The agency is 7 years now: in Russia it is the age for a child to start studying at school, but for the company it is an adult age, time of prospering and conquering new peaks!


“Media-consulting” PR agency will run two international conferences on cultural heritage preservation

“Media-consulting” PR-agency is organizing two international conferences devoted to topical tendencies in working with cultural heritage objects and sites. The conferences will take place this autumn gathering leading European and Russian experts of the field. “Media-consulting” will carry out all preparations, execution and information support of the events. The conference organizing is a part of cooperation of “Media-consulting” and Cultural and Historical Monuments Management Agency (AUIPIK).


Annual Meeting of Worldcom PR Group partner agencies will start on May 2

Traditional Annual Meeting of world largest international network of PR-agencies Worldcom PR Group will take place on May 2-5 in Hong Kong. During four days of the meeting the representatives of partner agencies will attend Group Board Meetings, Region Board Meetings (for Asia Pacific, Americas and EMEA Regions), and various discussions.


Design studio of “Media-consulting” PR-agency is developing visual strategy for new medication of “Bristol-Mayers Squibb”

Smart visual component is quite necessary in any PR-project whether it is an event organizing, brand positioning and promotion or executing of internal or external communication strategy. Design-studio of “Media-consulting” PR-agency has started implementing visual conception for a new product by American pharmaceutical company “Bristol-Mayers Squibb”.


New colleague of “Media-consulting”: analytics is the key!

Modern PR-agency cannot work without deep analytics. Current marketing situation, media space, effectiveness of implemented campaign and more shall be thoroughly analyzed. We are glad to introduce you the new media analyst of “Media-consulting” – Ekaterina Savina, who is a specialist really thrilled with her work.


“Media-consulting” will organize the visit of the Director of Verbier Music Festival to the St. Petersburg Cultural Forum

For three consecutive years “Media-consulting” PR-agency takes part in organizing Saint-Petersburg International Cultural Forum - the largest cultural event of global scale held in Russia. In particular the agency implements a special project called “Festival of Festivals”, which unites organizers of the largest international cultural forums and festivals for exchanging experience and establishing intercultural collaboration.


One more member for the team of “Media-consulting”

Spring is a renewal time. Renovations in “Media-consulting” PR-agency arrive with reinforcements. Today we welcome our new manager of PR-department – Nataly Kutseva, who is ready to give her experience and inspiration to the projects we run.


“Media-consulting” involved scientists in discussion on energy drinks at Moscow City Council.

On April 5, 2017 “Media-consulting” PR-agency took part in a roundtable conference entitled “Energy drinks: beverage or poison” at Moscow City Council.


“Media-consulting” PR-agency provides participating of MCCI’s Committee for Drinks in a themed industry conference

On April 4, 2017 the Moscow City Government is organizing an Industry conference with producers of alcohol and non-alcohol drinks. The specialists will discuss current status of the field and prospects of its development.


To see and to be seen: “Media-consulting” PR-agency

“Media-consulting” agency is a member of the world largest international PR-agencies network Worldcom PR Group from the date it was established. As a member of the network we implement projects jointly with the network partners from different countries of the world, take part in EMEA Board Committee and Annual Group Meetings and tell our news via special corporate newsletter called Worldcom Circuit.