F1 West McLaren Mercedes


F1 WestMcLarenMercedes is a British motor racing team representing McLaren company. The team has won various motor races held in different years


- popularization of Formula 1 races in Russia

- promotion of West Mclaren Mercedes in Russia

- promotion of the team sponsors’ products  


- Development of the WMM Promotion Program

- Newsbreaks

- Special events

- Exclusive interviews


- Visits of drivers (David Coulthard, Kimi Raikkonen) to Moscow and St. Petersburg

- Press conferences with the team management

- Press tours to the Silverstone headquarters, to the new F1 motor circuit in Turkey, to the UK, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Brazil for Russian journalists

- Show races featuring the team drivers and journalists of Russian sport and automotive editions

- On-line auction sales of the team merchandise

- Establishing a journalist’s WMM Fan Club 


- increase in the number of positive materials in the media

- higher target audience awareness of the Formula 1 races and West McLaren Mercedes Team

- growing popularity of the team sponsors