Morocco Booth management


The Kingdom of Morocco is the third top country of the Russian-African IMEX in terms of bilateral trade volumes 

The Morocco Booth management

  • promotion: providing and training of promotion personnel for the exhibition
  • video and photo support
  • interpreter’s services



  • Preparing press materials
  • Communicating with 58 Russian and 32 foreign media
  • Arranging participation of 9 target media in the Morocco Booth activities
  • Publishing 2 video interviews with Morocco officials

Advising the heads of the delegation

Speakers: Mr. M. Sadiki, secretary general of Morocco’s Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fishing; Mr. A. Janati, the Director of the Moroccan export control body; Mr. A. Bentouhami, the Director of the Moroccan sanitary food control office


  • Total number of publications – 47