About us

The Media-consulting team is driven by passion and focused on result.

Experience enables us to accurately identify the client’s market positioning in order to enhance its brand with additional characteristics, meanings and values that raise it over the market noise and make it irresistible for the consumer; experience also helps us to choose the most effective channel to achieve the utmost.

Our principles


Thanks to full involvement in the business process Media-consulting becomes a member of the client’s team, reach understanding of the client’s needs


Combining long experience with cutting-edge PR, GR, design, digital marketing, event management and advertising technologies, agency strives for maximum efficiency

Strategic vision

In our ideas we always take into account client’s marketing strategy

Instant response

Excellent market knowledge helps us to swiftly react to its changes, predict the outcome, use available opportunities to achieve the goal


We are driven by passion and focused on the result

Creative approach

We choose effective and suitable PR tools appropriate for specific aims of a project