New asset of “Media-consulting” PR-agency. Welcome to our team!

As the projects fulfilled by “Media-consulting” gather pace we are happy with accession of new members in our PR-department.  Meet Alexander Klimov – a new member of the agency team who has already joined one of our large-scale international cultural projects. 

 “I graduated from Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism as a PR-specialist. The sphere of public relations means constant motion, energy, and communication with interesting people for me. It is a branch which lets you create something new, living each step of any project, from the moment when the first idea emerges till getting results and opinions, again and again. Sometimes success depends on a single phrase in a phone conversation or e-mail - and this provides drive in this work.  To see good result and to realize that when it came to the point everything was done in a right way is a real pleasure for me.

 In my free time I play drums and travel around Russia. I try to discover something new all the time. Work in “Media-consulting” PR-agency for me means entering a serious professional arena, which gives an opportunity to represent my skills and abilities and to participate in really major and significant projects”.